megan fox this-is-40Megan Fox gave birth to son Noah barely two months ago, and besides our surprise at how quickly she slimmed down to her pre-baby weight, Megan is finding motherhood surprising in a different way: her infant son rules the house!

“He’s very bossy! Yes! He’s only two and a half months and he’s super opinionated and I’m already a complete slave to him!” the actress tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

Despite her bossy little man, Megan is already thinking about baby number no. 2 or 3!

We asked her at the premiere of “This Is 40,” if she’s planning on expanding her family, and she told us, “For sure! Yes! Definitely!”

Now that she’s a mom, Megan might be regretting some of her past photo shoots…a couple Maxim photoshoots come to mind…

“It’s more about some of the photoshoots I’ve done. I think about some of that and I sort of sweat thinking about him coming across those when he’s older,” she tells us.megan fox this-is-40bShe also says she’ll have to reconsider some of her film roles as well, saying, “I won’t do nudity, I’ve never done nudity but now I definitely never will.”
By Madison Vanderberg