mega-hits-about-mega-millionsEvery one dreams about it: winning the lottery and become rich. Filthy, stinking rich. Even celebrities like Paris Hilton and Simon Cowell play the lottery. Music artists regularly have number one hits singing about having millions (or billions) and what to do with it. But which songs are the best? We made a list of tunes you´ll be having your chauffeur blast through the stretched limousine when you hit it big.

1. Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars ‘Billionaire’

It´s all in the name. This song by Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy is all about wanting to be a billionaire. And what they want to do with the money. Travie raps about adopting babies like Angelina and Brad Pitt, give everyone he loves a couple of bucks and giving away a couple of Mercedes. Bruno sings in the chorus that he wants to be on Forbes Magazine. What will you with the money?

2. Gwen Stefani ft. Eve ‘Rich Girl’gwen-stefani-rich-girl1 According to Gwen Stefani´s song Rich Girl money can´t buy love. She sings “all the riches baby, won´t bring what your love can bring” and “your lovin´ is better than gold, and I know”.Okay Gwen you are probably right. But how nice would it be to have both money and love? Win-win situation if you ask us.

3. Madonna ‘Material Girl’madonna-material-girl2Madonna is a material girl and we are living in a material world, according to Madonna. Well you´re right Madonna and how do we get this material stuff? Yup, by hitting it big when playing the lottery. Did you knew that Madonna also plays the lottery? Apparently it is also fun to play even when you can already buy all the materials in the world.

4. T.I. ‘Whatever You Like’ti-whatever-you-like2T.I. want to give you everything you like. “Five million dollar home, drop Bentley´s I swear” and “my chick could have what she want and goin´ every store for any bag she want”. So far no luck with the lottery? Try T.I. or any other millionaire or billionaire. They will give you everything you want. And according to Multilotto´s infographic the chances of you dating a millionaire is 215 to 1. Compare this to the chances of winning the lottery (14 million to 1) and it is an easy choice.

5. Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx ‘Gold Digger’

Last but definitely not least: Kanye West and Jamie Foxx rap about girls being gold diggers and taking their money. Kayne says: “I don´t care what none of y´all say I still love her”. So if it doesn´t work out with T.I. you can always try one of these two.

These artists made big money with these songs. Now it´s your turn to make it big. Join the lottery now!