The VOILÀ boys are a seriously talented duo. They deliver infectious pop anthems with their singing, songwriting and production skills. You might know one of the guys from the Netflix production Tall Girl which also featured their most popular song to date, Stand Tall.

Having met at University, the guys are clearly onto big things. Their new single, Long Story Short, reminisces on past loves and unfortunate endings. They ask if you were to know how the relationship would end, would you even go ahead with it?

What does making music mean to you guys?

It is a way for us to take a tiny moment of feeling and make it last forever! Music outlasts us and it is an Honor to live in pursuit of the next moment in somebody else’s life where we are able to help them through the energy in our music. Also the concept of music being universal and able to transcend any sort of language barrier is superbly inspiring to us!

What do you each of you bring to VOILÀ?

I (Luke) always wanted to be an author growing up. So I Bring the lyrical portion of the band. I also learned guitar as a flamenco player so I try to bring a fingerpicking style to the sound as well as singing the harmonies. Gus is the melody man! He also does the production for our music. He was trained as a jazz singer which brings a different sound as well. 

How would you describe your music?

Gus is influenced by the anthemic and catchy melodies of the likes of max martin and avicii as well as the power of Green Day and Bring Me the Horizon. . I am influenced by the wit and sadness of Pete Wentz and the storytelling and romance of Sam Hunt. So put those two together and VOILÀ. 


VOILÀ literally means “there you are” and that’s how we want people to feel when they listen to our music. We want people to feel related to our stories and then think “Ah, there I am”. 

What do you hope to achieve with VOILÀ over the next few years?

We love the process. We really have enjoyed the sacrifices and the hours that we’ve put in to get to this point. As we’ve been making music together for almost 6 years now we have honed our writing process so that we can turn around songs from concept to final mix in a matter of days and this is what we absolutely love. There is no better sensation in the world than being the first to listen to a song that has the potential to inspire a lot of people. That’s what we live for. So in 5 years we hope to still feel that level of inspiration with every song & project that we work on. We will have just helped a lot more people!