Meet Tiggi Hawke

Tiggi Hawke’s NYC  (out now via Armada) is a convincing modern pop gem, that follows up the equally lush singles RemedyAlibi and Dangerous Behaviour. The new track showcases once more Tiggi’s ability to deliver meaningful electro-pop gladness.

What is the first album you ever bought?

I think I went for a double whammy, I got Johnny Cash’s “At San Quentin” and Shania Twain’s ‘Up!”, possibly a weird combination but I listened to them both endlessly! I was pretty heavily influenced by my parents music as well, I used to sneak their CD’s all the time and hoard them in my bedroom.

What is life in London like? What do you love/hate about it?

I love living in London! I was born and raised here so I can’t really imagine live elsewhere but I’ll admit, it can sometimes be full on, so you definitely have to remember to take some time for yourself or you can get overwhelmed, or at least I do! What’s amazing though is the amount of up-and-coming music acts you can see almost any day of the week, it’s such a melting pot of music and talent.

Do you have any memorable or funny moments whilst playing on stage?

There’s definitely been a few touch-and-go moments, I’ve nearly fallen a few times but the closest one was definitely when the stage was right next to pool and one of my feet slipped. I tried to style it off but in reality I looked like I was stuck in some strange lunge position with panic in my eyes… Not my best look!

What is the story behind your new single ‘NYC? Would you say it offers fans a good glimpse of your personality?

Behind all the synths and beats, to me NYC is a really reflective song, looking back on a relationship that still holds a part of you and you catch yourself looking for that piece everywhere you go and in other people you meet. I think it reflects my personality quite a lot, I’m a bit of an all or nothing person and very visual, so when something has affected me like a person or a relationship, I think about it a lot and tend to associate people with places.

If you could go back to the past and speak to your younger self, what advice would you give?

“Keep just being you”. I always found that really funny advice because when I was being myself I never seemed