Taura is relatively new to the scene but is sure leaving an irresistible R&B-tinged Pop imprint behind every single she’s released since the end of last year. Having released her debut EP Lucky Girls this January, dreamy pop singer Taura returns with her equally dreamy music video for her single of the same title. We have the pleasure of speaking to her about the EP, her music video and all things incoming for Taura…

Hi Taura, tell us a little about yourself…

Hey guys! Originally from Solihull, I’m now a London based singer/songwriter/producer, and I have just recently released my debut EP Lucky Girls. My first video for the title track has just been released and I am so excited for everybody to see it!

What was the inspiration behind your new video for single Lucky Girls?

So originally we were talking about the word ‘lucky’ and the associations that come with that. Moon, the director and producer for the video, then landed on the 7 deadly sins concept, routing from ‘lucky number 7’. From here we decided to heavily stylise each scene with the colour associated with that sin, and an unlucky stereotype fed through each shot. For example, in ‘Sloth’ I am lazing about with a black cat, and in ‘Lust’, the scene shows me in the bath, holding up an open umbrella. A fantasy aesthetic felt like the most appropriate feel for this kind of conceptualised video, so we shot most of the scenes in almost double time, so that when it was slowed to real-time we had almost a slow motion, ethereal effect. I think this suits the song so perfectly and I’m so happy with the final result! 

You entirely produced your EP Lucky Girls, how did you get into production?

For some reason I never actually thought I would be able to produce, so I ended up sort of falling into it by accident. I studied Popular Music at Goldsmiths, and completely avoided the production modules because I felt like everyone else was an expert and I was going to fail. I ended up taking a Music in Film module, not realising how much production was going to be involved, and ended up absolutely loving it. I carried on producing TV and Film music from my bedroom for a while, but never my own tracks. It wasn’t until I became ill in 2018 and was unable to sing for almost a year, that I turned my hand to producing more pop and R&B influenced music. By the end of the year all I had to do was record my vocals and the EP was basically finished! I definitely still have a very long way to go with production, and love working with other producers also, but I’m hoping to keep writing and improving all the time – isolation might be actually helping with this!!

What advice would you give to other budding artists like yourself?

I would say, if you haven’t already, just try and produce something small. Even if it is nowhere near what you would dream of releasing, I think it allows you to tune into the music so much more. Even knowing the basics has enabled me to communicate my ideas so much better when I’m in the studio with others, and it also just gives you the freedom to create whenever and whatever you want. Also, if it’s your first release and you’re a completely independent artist, maybe just message someone who’s a few steps ahead for advice. When I released I felt like I had absolutely no idea what to do and the most simple things to me now felt like a minefield. From my experience, most artists are happy to help each other out – especially if they’ve been through it!

What’s to come for Taura in 2020?

Despite some big alterations due to the Corona Virus, I’m really excited for 2020! I’ve been writing non-stop during isolation and we already had some really exciting new material under our belts so I can’t wait for people to hear it. I’ve been collaborating with such talented people, I feel very lucky for that! I’m also very excited to get back to performing live once all this is over, and hopefully the cancelled shows will be rescheduled for not too far in the future!