Meet North London’s DAZE

North London’s DAZE talk about ‘Reformation’… cheap pints, good BBQs & reverb.

Hi DAZE! How are you today?

We’re very good- just about recovering from 3 days of gigging we did for the single launch!

Please introduce yourselves to our readers:

Hey guys, for those who don’t know us we’re DAZE! We’re a 4 piece Indie Rock/Shoegaze band from North London & we love a cheap pint, a good BBQ & a lot of reverb!

How did you guys meet?

Sam and Luke were childhood friends that met skateboarding at Finsbury Park, they later met Santino on a messy night out at a Wetherspoons & Oli through a mutual friend on Facebook.

What’s your new single ‘Reformation’ all about?

Reformation is about an end of a relationship where the one who is more invested than the other has felt abandoned and broken but eventually reforms into a better person after realising how toxic it originally was.

Who would you say are your biggest influences?

We all have individual influences which makes us unique. Sam is a huge Michael Jackson fan, he’s such a great performer and he’ll try to engage with the audience how Michael would (with not as good dance moves). Oli has always been influenced by Dave Grohl. He’s a talented multi-instrumentalist who’s not afraid to push the boundaries within whatever band he’s playing. Santino is really inspired by the math rock inspired riffs Foals produce, and Luke has grown up listening to Radiohead.

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

We’d love to collaborate with Everything Everything – they are absolute musical geniuses and it would be great to see where they could take our wall of sound in the studio.

What’s the music scene like in London at the minute?

The music scene in London is so great, because of the ethnic diversity there is such a varied range of music that comes out – you’ll go to a venue like The Old Blue Last, which is primarily a guitar based venue, and see a grime act or a soul act. Being the capital city we’re spoilt for live music there so many gigs happening everyday which also makes it quite competitive at grassroots level.

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

We’re supporting Liberty Ship at The Finborough Arms November 15th and we plan to jump in the studio to record another single to release in 2019.

Any last words?

Help us by streaming our new single Reformation ( so we can soon play in a venue/city/country/universe near you!