Meet Night House

Brighton’s eclectic singer, songwriter and producer Nick Williams, presents his intense yet fetching electronic world , with new intriguing single Unfold.

Hi Night House how are you doing today?
Just had a little bit too much coffee but other than that I’m pretty good.

You have just released single ‘Unfold’, can you tell us some of the themes behind the track?
I initially wrote Unfold as a rallying call for my best friend. At the time he was going through a hard breakup with his longterm boyfriend, I wanted the song to comfort him and illustrate that these feelings of loss were only temporary.

How does the creative process work for you and the band when writing new material?
I’ll bring a song to Alfie (double bass) and Amy (Cello) pretty fully formed, often with a demo studio version. We’ll then spend some time taking it apart and rearranging it. Unfold was one of the quickest songs to record. I showed it to Alfie and Amy in the morning and by afternoon it was fully arranged and recorded.

Stylistically, where do yo think your music fits in today’s climate?
Somewhere between the alt folk of Aldous Harding and the electronic soul of James Blake. I feel that in recent years there has been a huge breakdown in genre, with artists mixing styles, this is something we try to do with Night House.

As a Brighton based artist how has the music scene back home influenced your music?
I used to work as a booker for small music venue in Brighton so feel very connected to the local scene. Our album is littered with guest appearances from so many Brighton artists, with additional strings from Andrew Stuart Buttle (Lucy Rose, Ellie Ford), Electric Guitars from Juan Torán (mustard, time for t) and Drums from James Purvice (Bledig) to name just a few!
On the song “The Roots in the Wires” we collaborated with one of my favourite Brighton songwriters, Ellie Ford. When I finished writing Roots, I realised it’d sound perfect with Ellie’s voice and harp on it, so approached her with the song, luckily she loved the track and we released it as a single last year.

Any emerging Brighton artists you would recommend?
Brighton really is spoilt for talent but here’s my top picks….
Ellie Ford, Michael Baker, Bledig, Jouis, Bee and Jackrabbit, hey buddy, the case of us, and Mara Simpson.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
The first songwriter that blew my mind was Joni Mitchell, there were a couple of years where Joni was all I listened to. Radiohead’s genre twisting experimental side has always been a big influence. Of recent music I feel that Bon Iver and James Blake changed what it is to be a singer songwriter forever. I’ve been also been addicted to John Grants albums, lyrically he’s one of the best artists working today.

If you were stranded on a desert island which three albums would you choose to have with you?
This is so hard, if you ask me tomorrow it could be completely different but today it’s got to be…
Joni Mitchell – HejiraJames Blake – The Colour in AnythingAldous Harding – Party

For those who haven’t seen you play live, what is a Night House performance like?
Our usual line up is of a trio with Alfie on Double Bass, Amy on Cello and myself moving between Fender Rhodes, drum machines, synthesizers and acoustic guitar. For bigger shows we’re joined by the awesome James Purvice on live drums. Despite the serious nature of our songs, I’m often known to talk loads between songs, trying to a laugh out of the audience or band… sometimes succeeding, sometimes not! I think I wanted to go into stand up comedy but lacked the confidence so I hide behind the piano.

What are you plans for the rest of 2019?
We’ve got a music video coming very soon for Unfold. Followed by more singles and eventually the release of our album “everyone is watching from afar”. We’re touring the UK in april with our friend Ellie Ford and are booking a EU tour and festival shows for the summer.