Meet Gypsy Circus And Their ‘Frankenstein Of Indie And Rock’

We talk to Edinburgh-based quartet Gypsy Circus, about their buoyantly engaging new EP, called Holy Lights And Shadows.

Hi Gypsy Circus! How are you today?

Great thanks! – you?

I’m feeling great. Thanks guys…Please introduce yourselves to our readers:

We are Gypsy Circus, a band from Edinburgh and we would love you to come and see us!

Your new EP ‘Holy Lights and Shadows’ is out soon, can you tell us what its all about?

Holy lights is about changing the way you think / do things on a day to day basis. Sometimes the small change right now will be tough but in the long run it will be worth it. The song is different from anything we have done before but we are really proud of it.

Describe your sound in five words:

Frankenstein of indie and rock

Who are your biggest influences?

The band all like different guys but we can agree on a few – Hendrix, Chuck Berry, The Beatles , The strokes, Nirvana

What’s the music scene like in Edinburgh at the moment? Any artists you’d recommend?

Edinburgh gets a lot of stick for being shite which is unfair. It has cool places but sadly they seem to be falling at the wayside. There are loads and loads of top bands in Edinburgh – go to somewhere like the jazz bar and you can see all sorts every night of the week!

Idlewild’s Rod Jones produced your EP, which is pretty cool, how did that come about?

Our guitarist Michael works at a music school and Rod has ties to it. He is a super nice man and has lots of great ideas!

What are your plans for 2019?

Gig , write , promote , gig , write , promote – as long as we love it we will keep doing it

Where can we find you online?

Facebook , instagram and all that jazz. Come to our shows and meet us in person, that would be better!

Any last words?

Thanks for chatting with us FM! Gypsy Circus xxx