Hi Frans! How are you today?

I am fine – just had a great skype meeting with a German director I am working with and we are about to finish the music on a movie.

How did you first starting writing music?

As a child actually – always wanted to do things my own way – fortunately it worked out for me.

Your new album Piano is out next month – are there any themes running through it?

It is about an old piano I had as a child – and got back as a grown up – visiting all the thoughts and memories I had then – and composing new music with that mindset.

Describe your sound in five words:

Melodic – dreamy – calm – piano – strings

You’ve composed music for a number of film and TV shows – how did that all come about?

I composed all the time when I started playing music – and made music for commercials for a film company. A friend of mine who worked there was about to direct his first film asked me if I would make music for it – I have worked with him ever since.

Are there any upcoming Nordic artists you can recommend us to have a listen to?

I like the Danish/Swedish piano player Henrik Lindstrand – he is very interesting

 Who are your biggest influences?

 As a jazzplayer it was Charlie Parker and bebop – later on Beatles, Stevie Wonder etc with the great melodies – then the Nordic period of Keith Jarret – Jon Balke – Djanjo Bates – now I am inspired by the the new Nordic sound which I feel a part of.

How are you keeping yourself entertained during this pandemic?

 Working on a film – and trying to organize things I have skipped

What are your plans for 2020?

I have scheduled many concerts that have been cancelled due to Corona – so everything is a bit uncertain now but I am looking forward to my album PIANO coming out on May 29.

Any last words?

 Stay safe!!

Frans Bak’s Piano, his collection of transcendent vignettes, its out on 29th May via Dharma Records.