By Frank Bell

Getting Out of London and experiencing lockdown at home in Scotland has given me a lot to think about.

Scottish singer-songwriter, Emma Miller, has spent time watching others succeed and been on the sidelines, but now with her latest release she’s taking the reins on her career and being the songstress she has aspired to be.

We sat down with her to ask her some quick fire questions about life, songwriting and more.

You’re from Scotland – what would you say is the one thing you love about Scotland?

The beautiful landscape! I should probably have said my family…but honestly I could never get tired of the Scottish landscape and scenery (and people). Getting out into nature and exploring the mountains and stunning beaches here is one of the top reasons I decided to move back to Scotland after about 5 years of fast paced living, in London. 

What is it about the songwriting process that makes you love it?

The sense of self it brings you. Writing a song allows me to tap into a part of myself I’m not conscious of on a day to day basis. I’d compare the place your mind can go to when writing a song to doing meditation, where you can access a ‘zen’ force within. Songwriting not only gives me a platform to explore my creativity and push myself as an artist, but it is a profound form of therapy for me and a way of clearing the cobwebs out, for sure. 

If you had to choose one instrument to play for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

For me, piano can instantly evoke a set of emotions that no other instrument can. Hitting the right chords when you’re in a certain mood has a way of resonating on such a deep level, it feels so powerful!  Having said that, if I could play guitar and avoid lugging a 20kg keyboard to gigs I’d swap it in a heartbeat, haha. 

How has lockdown treated you?

I have to admit, I have really got a lot out of this peculiar time. I moved home to Scotland prior to lockdown and back to my parents where both my brothers had also returned. Not only has it been an opportunity to write, make music and live as a family again for the first time in years, I’ve also had the luxury of time to decompress from what was an intense 5 years living and making music in London. Slowing down and taking a moment to reflect has breathed new life into me and given me perspective on what I’d like to get out of life, going forward.

What’s next for Emma Miller?

Getting out of London and experiencing lockdown at home in Scotland has given me a lot to think about. The biggest change for me is that I realised I’m so much happier stepping away from the music industry and all that that entails. I’ve come full circle, back to making music just for myself again and I couldn’t be happier. The numbers game doesn’t particularly interest me and I’ve discovered that by pursuing other things such as studies in psychology, hill walking, time with friends and family and adventures with my dog, music will always be there for me, ready and waiting to dismantle all my fears and anxieties and channel my creative energy. If people manage to discover me along the way and find that my songs resonate with them, then all the better. 

Emma Miller On The New Track:

Honey is a song that’s taken on a life of its own. It began as a cathartic release following a break-up, but getting some space and distance from that time in my life I can now hear that the lyric is relevant to so many different contexts outside of a typical romantic relationship. Whatsmore, I got to work on this song with friends and what had stemmed from a place of heartache became such a joyful and uplifting experience creating music with my mates. One of these friends was Blanca Romeo who went on to fully produce the track with her production partner Tobin Jones (Park Studios). I felt especially chuffed that Blanca had wanted to produce the song as I’m a big fan of her own artist project (Odina) and was delighted that Honey was going to be the first song she would work on as a producer in her own right.”