FM Presents | Chloé Caroline And Her New Southern California Pop Sound

Hey Chloé! How are you today? 

I’m swell! Just released a new music video (above) and that’s always exciting. 

Please introduce yourself to our readers: 

What’s up friends at FM and beyond, I’m Chloé Caroline. I write and sing songs that come from my soul and I genuinely like long long walks on the beach. (California girl here.)

What is your new single Forgive Me all about?

The main hook of the song is me sarcastically apologizing to society for being human, and also apologizing to my self, in a way, for knowing that I’ll never meet anyone’s expectations or my own all the time. I wanted to really focus on mental health and how human emotion is this wide spectrum that is still publicly stigmatized. I want people to know they don’t have to feel shame or the need to hide or make excuses for their “bad days”. 

What advice would you give your younger self if you were able to?

I love this question. I’d tell her to stop overthinking everything and just “do” even if it means not being perfect the first time around. When I first started writing, I was 11 and mainly performed my songs on my guitar for Facebook. I’d tell that girl to head to an open mic starting then even if she thought she sucked at guitar, because NO ONE cares. 

Do you think that discussions of mental health and anxiety within music are becoming more common now? If so, why?

Gosh I hope so. I think artists are being far more candid and vulnerable in their lyrics or even IG posts and I think the public embraces it, whether they say it on social media or just play it on repeat in their car, you can tell what affects people by the engagement. I think it always stuns people at first, it can be uncomfy but its really hard to hate on someone putting everything out there confidently. It makes others feel like they can be open too, especially once they see someone they look up to do exactly that. That’s why its really important to me to set the example with my fanbase in the most real way possible. It’s a domino effect.

Who are your biggest influences?

I’ll start from past to present: Stevie Nicks, Karen Carpenter, Prince, Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, Alanis… I could go on. But growing up a lot of 60s/70s and 90s/early 2000s. Me in a nut shell. 

Describe your sound in five words:

A New Southern California pop sound.

Where’s been your favourite place to perform so far and why?

Probably The Bluebird Cafe because I’ve been lucky enough to have had fans drive into see me and then I always get to meet new ones after I never would have met. People are there to listen and they are such music lovers. 

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be with?

Oh wow I usually say Stevie Nicks, but I’m gonna go with someone who’s passed on to switch it up. Prince. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

So much new music. Consistency is my goal. Going to release the rest of my “Gypsy Daughter” record and already have more songs in the works! Also planning on some international writing, another Caesars Residency; and more shows! 

Where can we find you online?

And finally, any last words?


Shoot me a DM if you’ve read this entire interview and I’ll respond back.