Meet Canary Gold | ‘Beauty Lives On Despite Its Setbacks’

Glasgow based Canary Gold – brothers Spencer and JP O’Grady – PRESENT their stunning new single, Hummingbird, out on 26th July 2019 via Master Closet Records.

Hi Canary Gold how are you?

We are great! 

Your new single ‘Hummingbird’ has just been released, can you tell us the themes contained within the song?

Hummingbird is an intense, multi-faceted track which explores the idea of finding beauty amidst chaos. Through contrasting the image of a hummingbird – something graceful and delicate – with the chaotic rhythms and atmosphere of the song, we’ve tried to conjure images of survival which show that beauty lives on despite its setbacks.

How does the creative process work as a band when you are writing new material?

It varies hugely for each song but it normally begins with one of us coming up with the initial idea, whether it be just a verse, chorus, or melody that we like and then expanding upon it from there. Some of the songs are written predominantly by one of us, whereas others are full-blown collaborations – it really just depends on the song and what we’re up to! 

As a Glasgow based band how does your country and the local music and art scenes influence your music?

We’re actually pretty new to the Glasgow scene (originally from Aberdeen) and so haven’t broken into it as much as we hope to in the near future, but it’s hugely inspiring to see such a multitude of independent talent breaking into the larger industry. Since Scotland is a fairly small place, the music scene is pretty tight-knit and so we feel encouraged to approach these bands/artists that are breaking through and learn from them in return. I wouldn’t say that this necessarily influences the actual music we make but it definitely helps us to have a clearer mindset about our goals and the industry as a whole!

Any emerging artists you would recommend from back home?

VanIves, Retro Video Club, Joesef, there are so many but those are some of our current favourites!

Who are your biggest influences as musicians?

We try not to take this into account too much when it comes to the actual music, but in terms of people that we look up to, one of our biggest influences has to be Dusty Hill from ZZ Top. We’ve been lucky enough to get to know him as a personal friend and he’s been kind enough to offer countless insights and personal anecdotes which have helped us understand what we’re trying to do, as well as shown us that you can achieve world-wide fame and still be an incredibly nice person!

If you were stranded on a desert island which three albums would you choose to have with you?

JP: A-Sides, Adrianne Lenker; Bon Iver, Bon Iver; Blonde, Frank ocean.
Spencer: That’s Your Lot, Blaenavon; Modern Vampires of The City, Vampire Weekend; The Loved Ones, Flyte

Stylistically, where do yo think your music fits in today’s climate?

We’ve tried to make our sound diverse enough so that our music can fit into many different aspects of the musical climate, with some tunes focusing on a more upbeat, commercial sound, and others offering a more original, unique experience. However, one thing that we feel unifies a lot of our stuff is the focus on strong, original vocal melodies and harmonies – so if that’s your cup of tea come drink it!

For those who haven’t seen you play live, what is a Canary Gold performance like?

It’s like four sweaty guys on a stage playing their music as well as they possibly can and hoping that everyone enjoys it!

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

We have a headline show coming up in Aberdeen on the 17th of August to celebrate the release of Hummingbird.We’ll also be playing a couple stripped back sets at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on the 15th of August. Other than that we’ll be organising some more shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as writing and recording new music!