Meet Black Saint

The London based collective Black Saint is comprised of DJ James, Jermaine Davis and Justin Osuji. The guys have been busy making some awesome sounds of late in the capital, and released the Everybody Wants You EP in the throes of summer. 

We caught up with the guys to hear more about it… 

2019 has been an incredible year for Black Saint, what would you like to achieve before the year is through?

We’d love to get another EP out this side of Christmas… That’s the plan.. We also are testing our night at Tape London on Fridays, which has been going great so far and hope to grow towards Christmas in time for a Black Saint new year’s party!

You’ve just released a debut EP – do you have any favourite tracks on the collection?

I think Naked is the favourite as it’s the most unique… I think if you want to know our sound, that’s the best representation.

‘Naked’ is the first song that features vocals from you guys will we be hearing more of you on future tracks?

I think so… Certain tracks call for certain flavours… If the track is calling for our vibe then we’re on it… Otherwise we still love to collaborate with other artists both inside and outside our collective.

You’re not shy of collaborations. Who is on the bucket list to appear on a Black Saint track?

Anderson Paak, D’Angelo, Lee Fields, Jazmine Sullivan

The chemistry between the 3 of you seem so organic – are there any in-house politics or feuds over the direction of your music or your visual identity?

We have the same overall vision, however occasionally we have different ideas of how we want to get there… The important thing is we all know and appreciate each other’s strengths so that helps us to listen to one another and decide sensibly about the best move to make.

What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Definitely Insta, as it’s revolutionised the way in which artists and their audience can engage with one another. There’s pro’s and cons to it though and as studio heads… sometimes it’s an effort to make full use of it, but we try! 

How do you think you would fare as artists in a world without social media now? Is it more of a help or a hindrance to new talent these days?

Music will always be in demand, so no matter what the outlet, people will find it if it’s good. The good thing is that before much depended on marketing spend and although that still is a factor, social media provides the medium for great music to be heard and shared, and allows one to be creative with marketing even if you don’t have the money… Meme’s, video clips etc.

Can we expect to see a full live Black Saint show any time soon? If so, what do you think a Black Saint show would look like?

This is the dream. Many years ago we went to see Groove Armada play in a secret location in a cave in Ibiza, and were really blown away by it… We’ve always pointed them out as a big influence, as they could go through the genres whilst still maintaining their sound… which also makes for a more interesting live show than just 3 mandem behind the decks… We’ve got something in the works so stay tuned!

By Holly Frith