Since being quarantined in Miami, all Aaron Salem has been doing is writing music and watching Netflix. Specifically binge watching Season three of Ozark, with the possibility of starting The Office, Parks and Rec, or re-watching Breaking Bad again…

The Cuban/Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor born and raised in Miami, FL presents his modern blend of Hip-Hop and R&B.

What are you binge-watching right now?

Since I’m quarantined in Miami, all I have is writing music & watching Netflix. Right now, I’m binge watching Season 3 of Ozark. I might just start The Office, Parks & Rec, or Breaking Bad again…

You have a large following on social media – has your mental health ever been affected by the way social media can be?

There are definitely moments in time where your ego can make you feel inferior to others on social media based on numbers. Luckily, I tend to be mindful of getting caught up in that mess. I try to be happy with what I have, but never satisfied. You will always steal your joy the moment you start comparing yourself to others.

Radio or Podcasts?

Either or. Radio is definitely key for my music when it comes to song promo, but podcasts are almost the new style of interviews. Both are necessary!

Do you enjoy doing music videos?

I love doing music videos! At times, it could be stressful trying to plan locations, book models and dancers, and making sure the script is being followed (since for the most part it’s just the director and I coming up with it). Other than that, when everything runs smoothly, it’s always a new and crazy experience every time!

What’s one piece of advice you could give anyone who is wanting to work in a creative industry?

Work on yourself. A Lot of people think that this is just becoming the best artist you could be. That’s only partially true. You can’t become the best artist you could be, if you can’t become the best version of yourself first. A Lot of people self-sabotage themselves through bad habits or old behaviors they can’t overcome. All of that will slow the process of becoming great. Focus on every aspect of you first.