meandmydrummer_by-sashberg_04Four years is a long time to wait for a second album, especially in music today, but that is exactly what Me & My Drummer have made us do. 2012’s The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey is now a distant memory meaning MAMD almost have a clean canvas to work with for ‘Love is a Fridge’.

Whatever happened in the intervening period has really worked for the Berlin-based duo, as the new album is an electro-pop delight with a huge variety of different sounds and musical ideas, taking in everything from Scandi-pop to Americana.

Album opener ‘Lancelot’ is an almost haunting track, Charlotte Brandi’s vocals are fragile and emotional over an eerie synth sound, whereas latest single ‘Pentonville Road’ grabs your attention with a powerful drum track and anthemic chorus.

That’s not to say the diversity hampers the albums ability to come together as a single piece of art. Despite playing around with the sounds they use around them, Brandi’s vocals and Matze Prölloch’s drumming is the consistent core to their sound around which everything else orbits.

First single from the record ‘Blue Splinter View’ is a perfect example of this. Sonically it is the biggest outlier on the album with a reverbed guitar providing the Americana infused base of the track while a string part borrowed from a country and western lazily meanders around your ears.

Yet, as soon as we’re dropped into the almost gospel-like chorus, this is still very much a Me & My Drummer song thanks to the duo’s individual hallmarks.

Not often does a band find such a great balance between experimentation and consistency as the duo have with this patchwork quilt of an album, from ‘Lancelot’ to ‘Traces’ in the ‘Sand’ all with Brandi and Prölloch playing the thread which sews it together.

‘Love is a Fridge’ is out now via Sinnbus.

Photography by Sashberg