Mayzie Wallen shakes up the alternative scene with ‘Boys will be Boys’

She's poised to confront established conventions and enrich the dialogue with her creativity
12 February 2024

A Bold Critique of Gender Dynamics in Music

New Zealand singer-songwriter Mayzie Wallen is making waves in the alternative music scene with her compelling new single, Boys will be Boys.​ This track is a daring dive into the obstacles women encounter in the predominantly male music industry.​ With its gritty instrumentation and richly figurative lyrics, Boys will be Boys offers a profound insight into the female musician’s experience, critiquing the monopolization of space by a certain subset of male musicians.

The track benefits from the expertise of Lindsay Gravina, a sound engineer renowned for his work with Jet, Adalita, and Magic Dirt. Under Gravina’s guidance, Boys will be Boys has blossomed into an emotionally powerful and instrumentally compelling anthem. It serves as an early variant of a song from her band Oceans’ debut LP, Dreamers in Dark Cities, providing a raw glimpse into Mayzie’s introspective and critical examination of gender dynamics within the music industry.

Originally from Christchurch, Mayzie Wallen has found a vibrant new artistic community in Melbourne. Known for her role in the dream-gaze duo VHS Dream and as a vital part of the shoegaze ensemble Oceans, Mayzie’s music is an amalgam of influences, from the lyricism of fellow Kiwis like David and Hamish Kilgour to the melancholic soundscapes of shoegaze icons like Slowdive and the Cocteau Twins. Her work resonates with a sense of melancholy and dreaminess, tailored for those seeking depth in modern music’s transient nature.

Mayzie’s career is highlighted by notable collaborations and performances, including sharing the stage with Hamish Kilgour and supporting Flying Colours. Her tours with Oceans have bolstered her reputation in the alternative scene across Australia and New Zealand.

Through her solo project, Mayzie showcases her ability to craft emotive, atmospheric compositions​. ​Her music fuses the warmth of nostalgia with the freshness of innovation, establishing her as a notable presence in music industry.

Boys will be Boys stands as a potent declaration by Mayzie Wallen. As both an artist and a pivotal force in the alternative music scene, she’s poised to confront established conventions and enrich the dialogue with her creativity. Mayzie Wallen is definitely an artist to watch this year.