MAYMIND Top 5 Influences Playlist

By Vee D

LA-based producer/musician Maymind unveils a slice of smartly meditative electronic sound with Find You, the standout tune lifted from his new album June out November 5th and reveals his Top 5 Influences Playlist.

MAYMIND Top 5 Influences Playlist

Joy Orbison – Donell

Huge Joy Orbison since day one; he has so many bangers that its hard to choose one but I always loved how sexy and seductive this track is and how it toes the line between a remix and an original production. Glad he’s still doing it.

Kaytranada – If remix

Yes, this track has now been rinsed millions of times the world over, but it still bounces hard and I can vividly remember hearing it for the first time at a house party in Brooklyn. The air was thick with smoke and when this came on, it just got that much thicker.

Terekke – Pf Pf Pass

Terekke was one of the first people who turned me onto the universe of house music with a rough, raw edge. Once I found it, I went over that cliff hard and just became obsessed. Matt and I used to play music together actually in a band in New York many years ago and I still remember him playing me a bunch of LIES records one afternoon and my mind being blown.

Bjork – Joga

The work of Bjork with Mark Bell has always been super inspirational to me. The juxtaposition of bit-crushed 909 sounds with beautifully recorded strings is so emotionally resonant with me (and also incredibly nostalgic hearing it now). Her voice is one of my favorites in the world

How to dress well – Ready for the World

HTDW is all about creating vibe and atmosphere, and this track does so in spades. I love the home recording quality of this whole album. In my mind, it belongs up there with the classics like Nebraska, Bee Thousand, etc. Some beautiful songwriting as well.


Photo by AM Gordon