‘maybe i’m too much’ by Lucky Iris is both relatable and highly likeable

"And maybe…after all is said and done…it’s not me…it’s you”
12 August 2023

Lucky Iris, the alt-pop duo from Leeds, are on fire. With tastemakers raving about them and a sync on Love Island under their belt, they’re dropping their highly anticipated EP maybe i’m too much.

Released alongside the new single and title track maybe i’m too much. Maeve and Jasper, the cool pair behind Lucky Iris, continue to deliver relatable and totally likeable alt-pop gems.

With its infectious beats and catchy vocals, maybe i’m too much captures an awesome commercial vibe that’ll get stuck in your head.

This track from the awesome dynamic duo is all about those dreamy and shimmering alt-pop vibes, with punchy lo-fi beats and captivating analogue synths. And on top of that, the lead vocals effortlessly soar over everything with an alluring subtle touch.

The vocals in this song are so heartfelt! They tell a beautiful story of being head over heels for someone and falling even deeper under their spell. A rollercoaster of emotions is wrapped up in a super catchy tune.

Speaking on the track the band share:  “This song is for anyone who’s ever been made feel like they’re ‘too much’. And particularly for those who’ve been made feel like they’re ‘too much’ by someone they love. Because there really is no need to minimise yourself to fit into a neat little box packaged by someone else. But it’s taken me far too long to realise that…

‘maybe i’m too much’ is actually one of the first songs I wrote for Lucky Iris. And the initial version was so sad. But something clicked in my brain after being let down…again! And I realised that me being perceived as ‘too much’ really isn’t a me problem after all. In the main hook I sing, ‘maybe I’m too much, but don’t you ever think that maybe you are not enough’. And of course, I’m not actually trying to imply that anyone isn’t enough. Instead, I made ‘maybe i’m too much’ a reminder not to let other people tell you how you should feel about yourself. And maybe…after all is said and done…it’s not me…it’s you.”

maybe i’m too much was created by the duo, with Richard Wilkinson (who has worked with Adele and Kaiser Chiefs) handling the mixing, and Antony Ryan (known for his work with Oh Wonder) taking care of the mastering.

These two have been killing it live since September 2021, hitting up awesome cities like Leeds, London, and Liverpool. They’ve been on a tour that’s been rocking stages all over the place and supporting the likes of: Stealing Sheep, Real Lies and the Lottery Winners.

They’ve been rocking the stage at some awesome festivals like Live At Leeds, Long Division, 110 Above, and most recently The Great Escape.

Lucky Iris‘s music is the perfect soundtrack for dancing or having a good cry, as they navigate through the ups and downs of love and friendships.

Lucky Iris is a band not to be missed this year and beyond.