mayaMelbourne songstress MAYA, shares this sleek video by directed by Zachary McSweeny, for ‘Sinners’ – released on August 5 – a jazz infused, timelessly soulful and sultry RnB tune, about (we all been there) “hypocritical relationships and the ways in which you feel once finding out your lover has played you.”

MAYA explains: “The music video for Sinners is a thematic display of brooding fierceness, sexual chaos and liberation…I sat with Zach and we decided we wanted to make this video tastefully artistic and experimental. All of the shots were conceptualized to gain insight in to the way I have felt when experiencing hypocrisy in relationships.”maya1Speaking of ‘Sinners’, which was written by Smash Bros (Cheryl Cole, Cee Lo green, Flo Rida) and Aussie singer/songwriter Shelley Segal (Carl Cox, Adam Levy, Josh Abrahams), MAYA (Maya Weiss) says: “I have been working hard to reach this moment and I am ready to release Sinners to the world. The single is a representation of relationship drama, it looks at the two sides of love and desire….I adore music above all things and have felt this way since I could speak. Growing up playing blues with my father and singing any chance I had…I am more than ready to share my sound and story with anyone ready to listen.”