Max Madly: Unveiling the dark tapestry of ‘welcome to my head where everything is sad’

"The creatures you'll find in my world are as much a part of me as my lungs or liver. They make up my very being and allow me to share eternal bits of my soul with you”
27 October 2023

Discover Max Madly, the singer/songwriter, as she explores a celestial realm where melancholy and artistry merge. Here, she arises as a captivating presence, poised to enchant the indie scene with her debut EP, welcome to my head where everything is sad.

This six-track musical bliss, showcases Madly’s singular vision, forged through years of classical operatic training and an unwavering commitment to every facet of her craft. The EP features previous singles Worship Me, girlbeast, and i love me, i loathe me, each contributing to the rich tapestry of Madly’s artistic expression.

Reflecting on her creative genesis, Max Madly shares: “I grew up telling stories and creating fantastical worlds to escape the one I was in. The creatures you’ll find in my world are as much a part of me as my lungs or liver. They make up my very being and allow me to share eternal bits of my soul with you.”

Madly’s musical tapestry unfolds in a journey through her intricately crafted world, a realm she has meticulously built on her own. With a three-octave vocal range, confessional lyricism, and orchestral-tinged productions, her work weaves an enchantingly dark narrative. Drawing comparisons to the world-building prowess of Ethel Cain and the cinematic sonics of Paris Paloma, Max Madly stakes her claim in contemporary alternative music, crafting visceral dreamscapes that resonate with authenticity.

The EP kicks off with the haunting title track, where an ominous acoustic guitar sets the stage for a crescendo of layered harmonies and strings. As the listener embarks on this sonic odyssey, the featured track LOVESICK stands as the perfect midpoint—a delicate piano melody intertwining with Madly’s haunting storytelling. The juxtaposition of dreamy vocals against the eerie narrative creates a unique and memorable atmosphere, defining the essence of Max Madly’s artistry.

Hailing from the creative hub of Los Angeles, Max Madly‘s solo journey began in 2020, drawing from a diverse background that spans choirs to punk bands. The culmination of her artistic exploration manifests in a truly immersive presentation, complete with full-body paint and special effects makeup.

The release of her debut single, The Haunt, on Wish 107.5 USA catapulted her into the spotlight, with the track finding its way into countless viral TikTok videos. Madly’s organic growth is evident, boasting thousands of listeners, 90,000 followers across social media, and performances at iconic venues such as the House of Blues.

With welcome to my head where everything is sad, Max Madly beckons listeners into her universe—an intimate and immersive journey that delves into the haunting beauty of her music. Here, each note acts as a brushstroke on the canvas of her soul.

Photos by Max Madly