Mauwe Share Their Second EP | THE ART OF SITTING STILL

Mauwe are a forward-thinking musical duo that deliver sophisticated electronic pop. Hailing from the creative hub of Bristol in the UK, this pair kicked off their career with a collection of dreamy pop tunes that led to a loyal following early on.

This year, Mauwe have been releasing music that shows them exploring a somewhat moodier facet. It’s been a mesmerizing, intoxicating, confident expression that’s led up to their second EP – The Art of Sitting Still. The six tracks convey a maturity, and honest frustration from the pair. They have discussed how the EP encompasses a musical, lyrical and emotional progression which they didn’t necessarily expect.

Mauwe say… “Each track had it’s own purpose and it’s own identity, and we felt more comfortable with that than ever before. It’s easy to get dragged into the album mentality of making sure it all ‘fits’ together, and runs seamlessly, and no doubt there is a time and a place for that, but growing up isn’t that time and place. Growing up is for shouting and screaming one second and crying the next, being happy and sad in the same moment. I think that’s what this EP is about – learning to accept all of that, and learning to put all of that angst and energy to good use. If it wasn’t ‘The Art of Sitting Still’, it would probably be something like ‘How To Be a Kid As An Adult’”

Check out the new EP, below…