Matthew Rossi shares euphoric and cinematic new track ‘Dancing Alone On A Friday Night’

"This song for me, is a euphoric anthem for all the lonely people out there"
17 July 2022

By Frank Bell

Dancing Alone On A Friday Night by fresh new indie-pop artist Matthew Rossi is the ideal introduction to the cinematic world Rossi paints with his music. Synth-laden and moody, this song will have you reminiscing on 90s R&B about the specific type of pain that comes from love. What would life be without this type of heartbreak?

Written by Nashville-based musician, Matthew Rossi and produced by Justin Amundrud, Dancing Alone On A Friday Night’s beautiful refrain builds tension throughout the song and is almost hypnotic.

Rossi explains: Dancing Alone On A Friday Night is about finding strength and power in your vulnerability and loneliness. I wrote this song after going to one too many parties, and all of them ended the same, alone. This song for me is a euphoric anthem for all the lonely people out there who are tired of waiting for someone to dance with. Just dance. Because who says you can’t have fun while being sad? My producer, Justin Amundrud, and I wanted to create a song that felt both euphoric and cinematic.“

“Dancing Alone On A Friday Night stemmed from loneliness – reveals Matthew – I spent most of my high school and college years going to parties, getting myself all dressed up, with the anticipation of seeing that one person you really only care about seeing. In my head, the party would always end with me getting together with that person. Well, as they say, life is not like the movies. Every party was a letdown, a diminishing of my confidence, yet, I still went every single time. Maybe it was the fear of not being liked if I didn’t go, maybe it was to fill that loneliness in me, or maybe, every time a part of me still had hope.”

He adds: ”This song for me is a reintroduction, though for many listeners, the first introduction into my world as an artist. I have been writing and releasing music since I was sixteen years old. However, this song feels as though I have finally found my place. At 22 years old, I finally have a clear direction of where I am and where I want to go moving forward.”

Rossi is a songwriter who has been influenced by the world of cinema and the beauty of storytelling. He strives to tell stories from a place of kindness and vulnerability, grounded with a beautiful, cinematic soundscape that allows listeners to escape into the depth. He wants to make the soundtrack of his own life and maybe even have it be somebody’s favorite song for years to come.