M ss ng p eces in collaboration with Matthew Dear present the Beams album trailer and share the amazing ‘Her Fantasy’ (Poolside Remix).
Director Tommy O’Haver shared his self-described “mash-up” homage to Avant Garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger in his video for ‘Her Fantasy’.
On ‘Beams’, musical mischief vs. lyrical maturity, Matthew Dear says: “I’m about 4 to 5 different people at any given time, by allowing all of those different personalities to exist… the most pure and direct self can come through in the music.

[The songs] may still be cryptic, and full of contradictions—but in my opinion, that is pure, unadulterated thought in musical form. They are direct lines to the center.”

‘Beams’ is available August 27th (Worldwide) & 28th (North America).