29 year-old Matt Cardle returns with the rather brilliant album ‘The Fire’, released on 29th October, on So What? Recordings.

Cardle produced the album and plays most of the instruments himself. Lead single ‘It’s Only Love’ is released on 29th October.

How’s life been after the X Factor?

Incredible. I haven’t stopped. I’ve been doing all the things I’ve been working towards for well over a decade. It’s been so great.

Winning a £1 million contract with Syco must have been daunting. How did you cope with all of the attention?

Haha, £1 million, first I’ve heard! But no, people generally have been lovely and the majority of the attention has been positive, so can’t complain!You won the X Factor with Biffy Clyro’s “When We Collide”. Biffy are one of the UK’s most respected rock bands yet the X Factor has been said to be reality TV nonsense. Did you have a choice in what song you chose or anything that happened on the show at all?

I think people are very aware that we have no say over the song choice! I was pleased that was chosen for me as some of the previous winners songs haven’t been ideal.

You’re now releasing your next record “The Fire” on So What Recordings. Why did you “part ways” with Columbia / Syco?

I wasn’t a priority on Sony. Leaving felt like the right thing to do. I’ve now been able to write and produce the album I wanted to and license it out to a great company whilst still retaining ownership of the copyrights.

The album isn’t quite “shiny pop” yet it’s not quiet rock, it straddles the line somewhere in between. Where do you think you fit and how would you describe your music?

Good songs I hope! Regardless of genre. I’ve just done what feels right with each track. Whether it’s soul, rock, pop, I have no idea.

Credibility wise, do you feel some of that is lost as an artist when entering the X Factor? If not, how have you “dodged the X Factor bullet”?

Credibility is totally subjective. I’m not too concerned as to whether or not I have it! With the new album I’ve stayed true to myself and done exactly what I want to do with it.

Who are your all time favourite bands and influences?

Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Michael Jackson.Are there any really new bands you’ve been turned onto at the moment, if so who are they?

I still love Coldplay, not sure if they are new but they are certainly current!

Finally, if you could go back to the past and speak to your younger self, what advice would you give?

Don’t drink!
By Wee Claire ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk

Live dates:
Sun 21st October Birmingham Institute (£22.50)
Mon 22nd October Brighton Concorde (£22.50)
Tues 23rd October London The Scala (£25)