Directed by Nils Leonard, the controversial video see’s the cover star of Feeder’s new album cause havoc on the set.
The topless girl takes a baseball bat to anything she can find – smashing tables, TVs, guitars and anything that gets in her way.

The masked girl then forces singer Grant Nicholas to the ground, where she bites his lip, before severely beating drummer Karl Brazil.
In a final act of violence she sets fire to the drum kit, and an astonishingly filmed slow motion piece.

“Making this video was a lot of fun and hopefully it captures the essence of Renegades. We all believe in this song so we wanted the video to reflect that.

Thankyou Renegade girl you totally nailed it.” Grant Nicholas

This video, and accompanying song has seen Feeder taking it right back to their roots, and has invigorated the group and fans alike.

The trio have just returned from Japan and a headlining slot at Wakestock Festival, will play several other shows over the summer.

They head out on a UK tour in October to coincide with part two of the bands plans for 2010 ….