Woodstock, NY (currently) based composer Mas Ysa (pronounced MAAS ee-sa), AKA Thomas Arsenault, unveils this intriguing video (directed by Kris Moyes) for ‘Margarita’, another slice of his flawless arrestingly intense sound offering. The track is lifted from his magical debut LP ‘Seraph’, out now on Downtown Records.

Arsenault explains: “’Margarita’ is named for my mom, who’s also on the cover art of everything I do. It deals with the trauma of becoming your own autonomous person and that person when you see your parent as a fallible person. It’s a complicated thank you.”Mas Ysa2
Mas Ysa – Seraph
1. Seraph
2. Margarita
3. Look Up
4. Sick
5. Suffer
6. Gun
7. Service
8. Garden
9. Arrows
10. I Have Some
11. Running
12. Don’t Make