Martin Novales’ ‘Used To’ has serious catchy melodies

"It was inspired by and written immediately after unfollowing an ex on social media"
6 April 2023

Wisconsin-based R&B singer Martin Novales has garnered a great deal of recognition and praise for his raw words and moving voice.

Novales was exposed to music from an early age thanks to his musically inclined family. His mother, who taught piano in the house, was the one who initiated him. Unfortunately, Martin’s mother passed away when he was still young, but his deep love of music deeply moved him and motivated him to explore his own worship of music.

Martin Novales will soon release his first album and it’s going to be a blast! He will be expressing his emotions through meaningful tunes about mental health, romance, and finding yourself. Just before the release of his upcoming album, he dropped a new single called Used To. So we have a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Novales‘ vocals match the relaxed R&B rhythm perfectly and effortlessly. Used To takes us back to the early 2000s and has some seriously catchy melodies plus an unforgettable hook that will get stuck in your head after just one listen.

Novales has a few words to say about the upcoming single: “Used To was inspired by and written immediately after unfollowing an ex on social media. After the process of the breakup, that felt like the final nail in the coffin of our relationship being over and that a chapter was ending and a new one was beginning. This song is about those emotions of acceptance, melancholy and reflection.”

Novales’ version of Alicia KeysIf I Ain’t Got You, received over two million streams on Spotify and exploded on Instagram, with over 200,000 reels using its coverage.

Make sure to look out for Martin Novales this year – he’s definitely gonna make a big splash!