MARTIN LEARY Drops the Unforgettable Rock Classic WATCH THE SUN BURN YOUR EYES

By Vasco Dega

Simmering with a desire to break free from the blasé, Scottish singer-songwriter Martin Leary is looking for an escape on his vigorous new track Watch The Sun Burn Your Eyes

Exuding pure rock and roll charm, the song careers into a rollercoaster of distorted guitar licks, pounding percussion and unforgettable hooks, as Martin completes it all with his smooth lyrical display. With Gregor McPhie providing a slick production finish, the track boasts a similar anthemic quality to that of Oasis and The Verve, and manages to rev up a comparable sonic force despite being a solo artist. 

“The song’s about the frustrations of modern day life,” Martin depicts “finding ‘real love’ right now, especially in lockdown, is going on dating apps – to me that filtered cv dating is brutal.” Elaborating on the intriguing title of the track, he explains that it “has lots of meanings: you’re desperately looking for hope so long it hurts? Perhaps the future’s so bright you can’t take it? Or you’re prepared to take the pain in hope for better?”, and this allows the listener to interpret their own meaning, and question what they feel through his words. 

Currently residing in Glasgow, Martin has paved the way for success within the indie rock market, having received acclaim for multiple tracks such as ‘Sleep Alone’, which was shortlisted for a Weekender Magazine award. A force to be reckoned with, this year could see Martin Leary rise to the top, and cWatch The Sun Burn Your Eyesc is sure to take him there.