Marsha Swanson presents ‘Near Life Experience’

"The roots that we come from and return to are in death yet we continue to reach for the light"
29th January 2024

An Album That Weaves Existential Themes with Progressive Pop

Acclaimed for her sharp lyricism, Marsha Swanson unveils her eagerly anticipated third album, Near Life Experience. Coming off the heels of her critically acclaimed debut, Watershed in 2005, and her subsequent album, Sentient Stardust in 2007, Swanson makes a celebrated comeback to the music world with her latest work.

Near Life Experience marks a continuation of Swanson’s signature style – progressive “grown-up pop” infused with “romantic realism.” This latest work is a collaboration with a host of distinguished musicians, including Henry (King Thumb) Thomas, known for his work with Randy Crawford and Van Morrison, among others. The album, recorded at Konk Studios in London and Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne, showcases album artwork by the legendary Storm Studios, famous for their work with Pink Floyd and Muse. Adding to the album’s allure is the involvement of multi-platinum-selling producer Iestyn Polson, known for his collaborations with David Gray and David Bowie.

The album features current singles like In Parallel, Facing Life, Not You, and Happy Ever After, each accompanied by visually captivating music videos. These tracks set the stage for an album that explores the complexities of existence, with Facing Life serving as a thematic prelude to a narrative that traverses the ups and downs of life. The album is framed by the instrumental pieces Waltz for Life and In Touch, together embodying the fundamental essence of life’s experiences..

Swanson’s sophisticated approach to pop music is exemplified by the lead single, Making Waves.  Inspired by the concept of rippling from American psychiatrist and author Irvin Yalom, the song delves into the impact of one’s actions and ideas beyond their lifetime, echoing the ripples created by a pebble in a pond.

Swanson’s album navigates the intricate balance between life and the awareness of mortality. “The roots that we come from and return to are in death yet we continue to reach for the light,” she shares, reflecting on the human condition and the concept of nearly living. Making Waves stands as a highlight within the 17-track record, showcasing her evocative vocals and thoughtful composition.

Marsha Swanson’s Near Life Experience carries listeners into a musical realm that reflects on themes of life, death, and the search for meaning.