mark thomas2Comedian, activist, troublemaker, these are all all words that can be associated with Mark Thomas. This is a man who over the years has created mayhem across the world, cost companies millions and changed laws too along the way.

Now he is back doing what he does best and is currently touring his live show ‘100 Acts of Minor Dissent’.

We caught up with Mark this past week to discuss this new show and find out exactly what fans can expect to see. Here are highlights from that informative chat.mark thomas3HI Mark, great to get a few minutes with you. So what can you tell us about this new tour of yours?

Not a problem, always a pleasure to chat about what we do. Well the plan is to instrument 100 acts of Minor Dissent. So each show will be different and I’ll be adding in more material as we progress.

The acts can vary in scale and will be documenting them all. It takes places over a year and a day. At the end of it all I plan to do one show that covers each and every act. But once I do that show that will be it all over.
mark thomas1
Wow, so have you any examples of what you are doing along the way?

For example we recently ran a gay rights event in Edinburgh. We had 500 odd people blocking the streets. It certainly made an impact. We’ve also done some smaller scale things like protests against newspapers, stores or such. It is al designed to make an impact, get our point across and even make a difference.

What else have you been working on Mark. Anything you can share with us?

My postman (who I get on very well with, we always talk) has just delivered something I’ve been waiting for. I applied to get CCTV footage of myself form a London store. They were recording footage in the toilets (would you believe) and I demanded the tape. I now have it here and it may well be used in the show. I’ve now taken to doing dances in public toilets (if they CCTV) and as long as my dance is not too provocative (laughs), I will use the footage to name and shame the store etc.

I am a Belfast native. So for example when the show comes here will you adapt any of it to factor in the NI political landscape/history?

I may well do, the show can alter depending on the location. I will tell what I am planning though. I do hope to organise a protest in relation to women’s reproductive rights and I’ll hold that in Belfast. The idea there will be to give women control over their own body.mark thomas4So will the show be released as a DVD perhaps once it is over?

You never know, I don’t rule anything out. It is a demanding tour and one that will take in a lot of places and protests. It may be tough to work out what to include on something like a DVD.

Finally Mark may we ask you what motivates you to organise these protests and work tirelssy to make a difference?

Honestly I think it is because I’m older now and really don’t give a fuck anymore about what is the correct way to do things. Most of what we do is legal, I’m not too shy about stepping up to big businesses and I feel it is about time the world got hit with both barrels.

Mark’s tour takes him across the UK and will be making a stop off in Belfast at The Black Box on October 15. Tickets here.