mark knopfler
‘Kill To Get Crimson’ is the latest entry to a bespoke catalogue of albums in a distinguished recording career of 30 years. Like a vividly-drawn novel, the latest crafted collection contains roles for painters, penny balladeers, schoolboy waltzers and heroic losers.

Knopfler may be a self-confessed studio boffin, but he’s just as much a fan of the road, and indeed of the writing pad. He constantly counts his blessings for it all. “I really like hanging around the house and writing songs. Even if it’s going badly, I like it. I never panic about it, I always think ‘Oh well, it’ll sort itself out eventually, even if it takes years.’ I enjoy recording very much. Then I enjoy touring and travelling, that doesn’t scare me at all. That’s not like everybody else.”

Knopfler is enthusiastic, as are the musicians on it, to take ‘Kill To Get Crimson’ on the road. When they get there, he will fill the set with music from all periods of his career, including material from the days of Dire Straits.

“People will always want you to play songs from the songbook. That’s part of what you’re doing playing live. You’ve got to please yourself but at the same time it’s a celebration, you’re all there to have a good time together. I enjoyed writing the songs, I enjoyed recording them so I’m going to enjoy playing them.

“I don’t play anything I don’t want to play, so if I get up there and play ‘Romeo & Juliet’ or ‘Brothers In Arms’ it’s because I want to. It’s important to me that it’s important to people, that you’ve created milestones in people’s lives.”

Mark Knopfler Live @ The RDS Main Hall May 19th Tickets are €54.80 & The Odyssey Arena on May 20th tickets are £40, £38 on sale Monday Sept 24th @ 9am through Ticketmaster and other usual outlets Nationwide.
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