Mark Duggan presents ‘Dance Myself to You’ – Ireland’s emerging talent blends lyrics and melodies

“An almighty release of a ballad, to me it is an acceptance of a situation and it emotions by letting them explode outward”
29th January 2024

Mark Duggan, the Irish singer-songwriter celebrated for his ingenious lyricism and fusion of acoustic and electronic elements, returns to the music scene with his new alternative rock sensation, Dance Myself to You. 

The creative genesis of Dance Myself to You lies in Duggan’s ambition to craft a melody that evolves from a solitary instrumental note into a rich, full-bodied sound by the end. The track, featuring Duggan’s poignant vocals, is a tapestry of longing and yearning, intricately woven with a production that includes a drum machine, bass, guitar, drum kit, synths, and more.

Evoking the grandeur of over-the-top ‘80s ballads, the song starts with a simple electric guitar and voice, gradually swelling with the addition of bass, percussion, ambient pads, and layered guitars. A highlight of the track is an electric guitar solo, a raw, one-take improvisation, complemented by a choir of voices that intensify the song’s climactic final minute. The lyrics, originating from three vivid images of solitude, paint a narrative of unrequited longing and the inability to resurrect a lost connection.

Duggan’s songwriting process was driven by the need to align the musical crescendo with the lyrics, which were swiftly penned once he had envisioned the key images for each verse. The outro lyrics, an addition to accommodate the extended fade-out, fill the song with an echo of emptiness.

In Dance Myself to You, the base layer of sound is densely packed with various synth and guitar parts, rich in delays and reverbs. The guitar solo, intentionally raw, contrasts with the more conventional ‘80s-style drums. As the song approaches its end, Duggan experiments with choral harmonies, adding a dramatic flair that elevates the song’s emotional intensity.

The song’s mix is a deliberate effort to accentuate the contrast in the number of instruments and their intensity from the beginning to the end, culminating in a dramatic finale. Interestingly, the bass, the final element added to the track, came after Duggan’s old bass broke during the demos, adding an unplanned but serendipitous layer to the song’s creation.

Duggan describes Dance Myself to You as an almighty release of a ballad, symbolizing the acceptance and explosive release of emotions.

The Irish artist started his musical journey when his father introduced him to Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles on an MP3 player when he was nine years old.​ This early exposure ignited Duggan’s passion for music, leading him to learn guitar and delve into songwriting, starting with A Day in the Life of a Kid. Over time, his songwriting and recording skills evolved, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of artists including local Waterford musicians, Paul McCartney, Paul Weller, U2, Gorillaz, and The Waterboys.

Duggan’s foray into the Irish music scene was marked by his collaboration on The Road from Dunluvly’s debut EP, The Boat. His talent has since seen him perform with a live band at notable venues like Whelans, Monroes, and the Winterval Festival in Waterford.

Currently, Mark Duggan is in the process of composing songs that he hopes will lay the groundwork for an album slated for release in 2024.

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