Marina Kaye Is The TWISTED New Voice of Dark Pop

Twisted is an extremely deep and personal song for me. I’ve always felt like there was something a bit weird about me. I feel like I have some twisted thoughts in my mind, but that’s no bad thing. In fact I’m proud of it now because it makes me who I am...

Multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter Marina Kaye (21), discovers her sinful alter ego in the sultry new single Twisted.

A young artist, with years of experience, Marina can count nearly a decade in music since first being discovered by TGIT Music at a young age. Her performing ability and songwriting prowess soon lead to her being signed to Capitol Music (Universal). This soon led to a career that included double platinum selling albums and performing with some of the biggest artists in the world. 

Marina now returns, with a devilish change in direction. The new single it’s aptly named for it’s sinister style and equally dark visual. Twisted is a powerful piece of dark pop, with electronic elements and a sultry vocal.