By Vee D

With his debut EP, Marcelo De La Vega proves himself to be a truly creative artist. The retro vibe of each song is complimented by strong pop songwriting, and as we’ve already seen, a collection of very cool film clips. The EP arrives with a brand new one, and it’s some of his best work yet. 

Marcelo self-directed the video for the title track Conversation himself, and it has a very poignant narrative. Starring Marcelo as a hopeless clown called ‘Vinnie Vegas’, along with his own dog who sadly passed away just a few weeks after filming. “Vinnie is not a good clown,” explains Marcelo “he’s not really good at anything. The one thing that keeps him going every morning and every night, keeps him going out there to try, is his dog, who is also his star attraction. The dog gets stolen by another clown and the whole clip is like Finding Nemo, me finding my dog, and realizing how lost I am without my dog.”

Marcelo continues: “As the song and the clip developed, the song’s meaning transferred from being just about a partner, to loss in general and how we need love to keep us going and bring us happiness and keep us who we are. Three weeks after we filmed the clip Annie, my dog, passed away, so it brought a whole new meaning and made me feel like I was the clown in real life, but there is nothing I can do to get her back. It has made the clip a lot more personal and it is good that I will have that memory forever to cherish, which I am very grateful for.”

Conversation is an EP born out of heartbreak, inspired mostly by the end of a relationship. Musically, Marcelo focuses on organic instruments, and each song has a dreamy and surreal quality, with a live and vintage sound blurring the boundary between indie and pop. “It was one of those relationships with a lot to say about it, just so many odd moments. I wrote a lot about it afterward and this record was me processing the whole thing” explains Marcelo.