Marc Wootton brand new comedy transformations on BBC Three

Marc Wootton, aka Shirley Ghostman, aka Best Newcomer at the British Comedy Awards, aka Daniel/Sasha/Simon/Gary in ‘My New Best Friend’, aka 2007’s ‘the one to watch’, aka Hollywood superstar (well, soon)

Marc Wootton is back on your screens with a hilarious new comedy series that demonstrates just how versatile the man of a thousand (roughly twenty) faces can be.

Meet Paul, the social outcast whose ‘transformation’ from human to vampire is as demonically underwhelming as an episode of Songs of Praise. Or Ian, the schoolboy whose ‘what I did this weekend’ class presentations could revitalise the Hammer Horror industry.

Always one to bring education to the masses, Marc’s posh rapper Rufus demonstrates the practical aspects of pimping out your ride (aka Tilly the prized pony) with iced high beams and a sweet sub-woofer, as well as easy-to-use guides for exactly how low wear your chinos when out pimping for hoe action.

And in a new breed of TV nanny programmes, Ozzy presenter of War on Kids practices controversial child-rearing techniques such as ‘Wet the Bed, Teddy’s Dead’, ‘One Punch, Eat Your Lunch’ and ‘If I can’t Tame Ya, I’m Gonna Have to Maim Ya.’

Blending the surreal and the unspeakable with the sublimely insightful, Marc Wootton’s brand new character comedy series embodies an array of truly unique comic creations and presents a gallery of darkly delusional characters in this brand new character comedy series for BBC Three.