September 30th would have been Marc Bolan’s 60th birthday. Where would he have been? What would he be doing? To know you would have to understand the man himself, understand his thoughts, ambitions, beliefs and his driving forces!

Author Tony Stringfellow has attempted to do just that.

Tony Stringfellow’s book, The Wizard’s Gown, is a revealing and exploratory journey into the mind of Marc Bolan, ascertaining what made him an enchanting, ethereal character…what made him tick!

Delving below the make-up and glitter and incorporating a large selection of previously unpublished original poetry and photographs.

Tony Stringfellow has embarked on a glittery quest to explore the neural pathways of rock music’s most imaginative elf and has unearthed some unexpected wonders…Alexander the great…Tutankhamun and stories from Star Trek…he understands how Marc Bolan thought and takes the reader on a magical ride on Swans of glory.

The book is crammed with many delights for fans, including an interview with the true inspiration for the Wizard whilst giving Marc Bolan the credibility he truly deserves.

Whether or not the reader is a fan of Marc Bolan they will be intrigued by the intricacies of his work and leave the pages feeling enlightened in the world of trextrasy and with a true understanding for a significant page that was written in the annuals of rock history.

30 years after his death and coming up to his 60th birthday – his intriguing mind is finally unravelled!

The Wizard’s Gown – Rewoven
By Tony Stringfellow
Published by: Breeze Hayward Publishing
ISBN: 978 0 9555549 0 2