Mara Liddle: The fresh face of Pop blending Hyperpop and UK Garage in debut EP ‘STALEMATE’

Mara Liddle's debut EP ​is a narrative of young adulthood, capturing the joys, challenges, and paradoxes of our times. ​
12th January 2024

The pop music scene is set to welcome a dazzling new talent, Mara Liddle, whose debut EP STALEMATE is creating waves and drawing comparisons to artists like Pinkpantheress, Piri, and Charli XCX. This five-track d​elight is a fusion of the energetic beats of hyperpop and the rhythmic pulse of UK garage, all beautifully intertwined with Mara’s gentle, melodic vocals.

Crafted in the cozy confines of JB Thomas’s home studio, this EP was brought to life over just a few days, yet it encapsulates the essence of being a young woman in today’s fast-paced world. Each track tells its own story, resonating deeply with the experiences and emotions of modern youth. The EP boasts singles like facebook official, a modern love anthem reflecting on relationships in the digital era, and Oversharing, which vividly narrates Mara’s journey as a student navigating new social landscapes.

Another standout track, All Over The Place, is an ode to embracing life’s constant changes and uncertainties. Alongside these singles, the EP also introduces Hide and Seek and Be Alone, two brand-new, unreleased songs, adding to the excitement among Mara’s growing fanbase.

2023 has been a landmark year for Mara Liddle. Her release of this EP is a bold statement about her place in the music industry as she introduces a new sound to the world of pop.This collection of songs is not only her first significant body of work but also a testament to her versatility and ability to capture the zeitgeist of contemporary life in her music.

The tracklist of STALEMATE itself is a journey through different facets of Mara’s artistic vision:
1. Hide and Seek – A playful yet introspective take on the complexities of human connections.
2. Facebook Official – A commentary on the intertwining of love and social media.
3. Be Alone – A contemplative piece on the importance of solitude and self-reflection.
4. Oversharing – A vibrant track about the exhilaration and pitfalls of new experiences.
5. All Over The Place – An anthem for those navigating through the chaos of change.

Mara Liddle’s debut EP ​is a narrative of young adulthood, capturing the joys, challenges, and paradoxes of our times. ​It’s evident that Mara Liddle is more than just a rising talent in the pop music landscape; she represents the voice of a new generation. With her adept fusion of various musical genres and a wide spectrum of emotions, Mara creates music that is not only distinctive but also impactful and relevant.