Mar Omin’s ‘Little Bird’ is an introspective exploration of vulnerability

"It's how the negativity wants to keep me insecure and feeling low and feeds off that energy."
27 October 2022

Mar Omin has just shared his somber, reflective new single Little Bird along with the announcement of his album, Extricate, due for release early in the new year. Formerly known as simply Mar, Omin hails from Amsterdam and was raised on a houseboat and surrounded by live music from a young age. He has previously released several smaller projects such as EPs and this will be his debut full-length album.

An introspective alternative-soul track, Little Bird was written by Omin in 2019 after realizing through journaling that he was stuck in a loop of self-loathing. Sensitively rendered and complex, the single signifies an album that courageously digs deep, and honestly explores the depths of vulnerability. 

Speaking on the thought process behind it, Omin shared:

“‘Little Bird’ is about the interaction I experience between me and my negative self-belief, personified. How the negativity wants to keep me insecure and feeling low and feeds off that energy. The vocals in the verses and the bridge represent me, the pre-hooks and hooks are the voice of the negative me.” 

The production of the single features the use of a synthesizer, acoustic guitar, cello, drum computer, electric guitar, and Moog bass synth in echoing layers, complimenting Omin’s vocal range in a vast, moody soundscape. Omin produced, composed, and wrote the song with help from guitar provided by Daniel Malet, vocals from singer Szjerdene (Bonobo/ Lapalux), and cello and strings by Sander Molder (Redbull Music Academy alumni).

The upcoming album, written, composed and produced by Omin, deals with his realization of internal roadblocks of limiting beliefs, and toxic relationships and how he managed to free himself from those, hence the title Extricate. The 10-song album revolves around the artist’s mental health journey over the past three years, which began roughly when he started keeping a daily journal. In this, he recorded his internalized beliefs and relationship dynamics, which led him on this journey of self-discovery. These journals have also proven to be a source of inspiration for themes and lyrics in his music, making for a worthwhile artistic pursuit.

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