ManosDaughter1-2Mano’s Daughter talk about their EP ‘Smart’, released on 31st March 2014 via Smart & Shiver Records.

They are renowned for creating explosive live shows, packed with huge choruses and thought provoking lyrics, proudly counting comedian Tim Minchin as one of their biggest fans…The 5 track EP is a slice of sharp, modern and anthemic pop.

Hello Mano’s Daughter – please introduce yourselves to us!

Hello! We are Sarah and Matthias, collectively Mano’s Daughter. We write music together. Matthias plays synths and Sarah sings.

Mano’s Daughter is an interesting name – what does it mean? Is Mano anyone’s daughter?

It is quite literally that Mano is Sarah’s father, meaning that Sarah is Mano’s Daughter.

Your EP ‘Smart’ is out soon, it’s lovely. What influenced the songwriting process on this EP?

Thank you. We wanted to write songs that blended everything that is important to us. Songwriting and the message is very important and lyrically I always want to paint a strong, if somewhat ambiguous, image for the listener. Big influences for us were Little Dragon, Bon Iver and Everything Everything.

Although we don’t necessarily sound like any of them, I think being influenced by other great artists sometimes simply allows you to be experimental and allow yourself to create with a freedom that you maybe wouldn’t, had you not been inspired. Great artists make us want to create and express.ManosDaughter2If you guys could play in any other band for a day, what band would it be and why?

Probably Prince’s band. Those guys are amazing and the tunes are all so good.

We hear Tim Minchin is a fan – aside from him (of course!), who are your favourite comedians?

Tim is by far our favourite comedian of course! But Russell Brand is hilarious and also Mickey Flannigan.

Your headlining your ideal festival line-up – what would be your ideal line-up?

I don’t think we would headline this…but this is our ideal line up. Bon Iver, Beck, Foals, Prince.

Sarah and Matthias – are you a couple? If so, what is it like working together musically?

Yep we are. We’ve been working together since before we were a couple so it’s just what we’ve always done. It works really well. We’re so passionate about music and it’s such a massive part of our lives that it’s great to share it with each other.

Aliens land on Earth. They’re going to obliterate the Earth unless you can convince them by the power of music. They want to hear one of your tracks, which do you play them?

The Machine. Lyrically it’s about consciously knowing what we’re doing to our world. Maybe they’d be like – Hey these humans aren’t so bad after all. Or maybe September would make them fall in love and forget destruction : )

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We’re releasing a second EP Shiver in May. The two go together as a pair, light and dark sort of. We’ll also be out playing some festivals this summer, enjoying the sun and continuing to write new material.

Finally, tell us in 5 words why we should listen to Mano’s Daughter?

Real songs, synths, vibes, beats.

By Remy Etienne ©