Mannequin Icons FEMM Reveal SUGAR RUSH

By Frank Bell

Japanese electronic mannequin duo FEMM are back with a breathtaking new music video that toys with reality and reason. Sugar Rush is RiRi and LuLa’s latest love inspired single that adds a dark and threatening aura to its otherwise saccharine sweetness.

Driven by an addictive retro electronic hook that perfectly fits the synthetic modelled feel of the monochrome music video, FEMM’s uniquely digital vocals aim to portray a new power-pop utopia. Sugar Rush refers to being stuck in the sickly sugariness of a new romance, while the coldness in the vocal tone helps add a layer of intrigue and danger to the single.

The video evokes a noir style, featuring a collaboration with unicycle dance troupe MIRACLE, whose synchronized performance pushes the boundaries of visual art. The duo, a music project that portrays “real-life mannequins” in the form of the 2 singers, describe Sugar Rush as “Girl in love. That’s all I have to say. Sweet and bitter is the vibe. Kinda tickles, but really raw.” 

Always at the very pinnacle of internet culture and music technology, FEMM’s last EP 404 Not Found proved the pairs’ ability to create highly artistic industrial-electronic music. With this new mind breaking performance, RiRi and LuLa are sure to further establish themselves are worldwide icons of a unique music scene.