Manchester’s Finest CORELLA Start 2020 With A Bang

Manchester natives Corella enter 2020 with a bang, releasing their first single of the year, Puppets.

A relentlessly driving single from the off, the pent up frustration within the track chaotically releases with an expansive array of multi-layered guitars and soaring synth textures surrounding Joel’s prevailing vocals. With great momentum pushing the track forward from the get go, in Puppets Corella don’t stick around – wrapping up in bang on two and a half minutes.

Corella said: “Puppets is a track that we’ve been sat on for a while, we struggled to get it right for some time, which kind of created the lyrical content. Feeling frustrated and trapped creatively, we expressed that into this song.”

Whilst all of the band living together in the same house, Corella have continued to keep busy whilst in quarantine. The four-piece have started their own weekly live stream under the name ‘Club Corella’, amongst writing and recording, where they play some original Corella material and each week cover a new track. Fans can tune in every Saturday from 7pm.