man with outMan Without Country share soaring ‘Catfish’ from their a brand new EP, ‘Entropy Pt. I’.

The wonderful track features the vocals of Danish singer Lisa Alma lifting it to ethereal heights, while their lyrical content remains dark and discontent.

On their new techno shuffle and trance synth impressive work on the EP, Tomas Greenhalf says: “The idea behind Entropy came from our passion for digital manipulation and recycling audio. We dismantled some of our old ideas, took audio samples from old drum machines, old pianos, and even audio from our album ‘Foe’. We manipulated and reconstructed them to create the new music”.

“Entropy is the measure of how things move from order to disorder. We will never be able to travel back in time. Everything has to move forward. Regrets will always remain regrets, damaged relationships can be repaired but will never be exactly how they once were. Everything is slowly and irreversibly deteriorating”, comments Ryan James.

05 – Bestival, Rob Da Bank’s Replay Stage, UK
07 – Berlin Festival, Berlin, Germany
09 – Studio (Stadgarten), Cologne, Germany
10 – Turmzimmer @ Ubel and Gefahrlich, Hamburg, Germany
12 – Orange House. Munich, Germany
13 – Arena DreiRaum, Vienna, Austria
14 – Andrea Doria, Rome, Italy
16 – Lucerna Music Bar, Prague, Czech Republic
17 – Skwr, Warsaw, Poland
18 – Meskalina, Poznan, Poland