Man-Friendly Gifts With A More Meaningful Touch

Sick of gifting your brother, dad, son or other half, socks or gift cards?
7th June 2023

Sick of gifting your brother, dad, son or other half, socks or gift cards? Panicked about what to buy for their coming birthday, graduation, or anniversary that is meaningful? We are too, but there are plenty of other gifts you can choose from that are much more personal and unique. Read on to discover our top 6 suggestions in the post below. 

Personalised Number Plate 

One of the most meaningful gifts you can treat the man in your life to is a personalised number plate. These are number plates that instead of following the sequential order of plates affixed to vehicles as they are made, hold a mix of letters and numbers that is meaningful to the owner. 

For example, the number plate on the famous boxer, Amir Khan’s BMW reads BOX IIIG, while the CEO of Rymans and favourite on Dragon’s Den Theo Paphitis’s number plate spells out RYM 4N. As you can see from these examples, getting creative with the way you use letters and numbers can ensure that the plate stays legal, but also spells out the desired word, e.g. using a 4 in the place of an A. 

Of course, there are a few additional factors that will come into play when choosing which group of letters and numbers for the man it’s your life’s vehicle plate. Firstly consider what you want to spell out. Next, be sure to look at the costs involved as the less deviation from the individual word there is the higher cost you can expect to pay. 

A Well-Selected Fragrance 

Another gift that can be particularly meaningful is a carefully selected fragrance. Indeed, while most people just choose a fragrance because they like the smell, there are some ways that you can add additional meaning to your selection. 

One of these is to choose a fragrance that the man in your life used to wear during a particularly important time, such as when you first met, or when they got married. This can work particularly well because our sense of smell is one of the strongest memory triggers, so by providing access to this trigger you can help provide easier and more frequent access to these positive memories. 

However, if you want to get them a new fragrance, something they haven’t worn before, this is also possible as long as you put in a little extra effort. All you need to do is work out what fragrance notes the man in your life likes and then choose a product that contains these. To help you with this task, visit sites like, and navigate to their fragrance notes section. Then click on the individual note you are interested in and a long list of all the fragrances with that note will come up for you to choose from.

Get Him A Song Written 

If the man in your life is a music lover, then there is nothing more meaningful than to get him a song written especially for him. Indeed, having a song composed, performed and recorded by a professional works just as well for a romantic occasion, as for a birthday celebration, wedding, or graduation. You can even get songs written for the guy in your life for Father’s Day! 

Thanks to the magic of the internet it’s a pretty easy process as well on sites like Start by writing down the Story, memories or subjects that you want your song to cover. Then you get to decide the genre of the song for example a ballad, a rock song, or a country song, as well as the tempo. After all, if it’s a celebration you’ll want it to be faster and more upbeat than if it is a more romantic song. Once you’ve supplied this info, a professional singer-songwriter will create your song, and record it so you can play it to the recipient whenever you choose! Gifts are rarely as meaningful as this! 

Customised Neon Sign

Our next suggestion for meaningful gifts to give to your man will have him lighting up. Yes, that’s right it’s a customised neon sign which, over the last few years has become way more affordable than they have ever been. 

There are a few things to consider when choosing the man in your life: a custom neon sign. The first is where they will display it. This is because you will need to make sure it’s the right size and has the right length of cable to reach a power point from where it will be hung on the wall. 

The next thing you will need to consider is what the neon sign will say. This is where you get to have fun, and make this gift as personalised as possible. Current popular choices include surnames, phrases that are particularly meaningful to the recipient, or signs indicating the use and ownership of a room, e.g. Dan’s Office. Although something silly as in the example above can work well too! 

Once you have decided what your sign will say you need to think about the aesthetics. This includes whether you will go for all one font, or mix things up with a selection, as well as what colours to use. Indeed, a combination of neon colours often makes for the most impressive finish item.

Something Useful Monogrammed (Or With Their Face!)

Monogrammed items have been popular for years, but you can make your selection that much more meaningful by ditching the boring old towels and hankies and going for something more modern and useful instead. 

For instance, if the man in your life loves nothing more than supping a good aged single malt, how about getting them a monogrammed engraved whiskey glass? Similarly, if the man in your life is always making notes, or hoping to get started on their first Novel, why not show your support by gifting them a leather notebook monogrammed with their initials? 

If an item embossed or engraved is a little too formal for the man you are buying for, you may also want to consider the latest trend in personalised gifts – having their face plastered all over something! Yep, that’s right you can now get a wide variety of items including socks, t-shirts, wash bags and even throws for snuggling up at night while watching a movie. 

An Engraved Watch

Last of all, but certainly not least a very personal and meaningful gift for the guy in your life is an engraved watch. Watches are usually engraved on the back, which is the part that sits on the wrist. This means you can choose a personal message with no fear of it being seen by others in day-to-day use. 

When opting for this type of gift, it’s important to both get the message, as well as the type and style of the watch right. For instance, you may wish to go with something simple such as a meaningful date, or a longitude or latitude where something important to the recipient happened. 

For the watch, it’s important to choose something that matches their style as this will ensure that the man in your life wears and uses this item. Designer watches like Tag Heuer are always a good bet, especially if the person you are buying them for is into diving, as these watches can withstand being underwater and at great pressure. Then there are the smartwatch options like the Apple Watch that don’t just tell the time, but receive texts and calls, as well as monitor physical activity and heart rate. 

However, a very expensive watch won’t fit everyone’s style and budget. So it’s important to remember that there are a wide range of other types of watches that are ideal for engraving too, including the retro-looking digital Casio range. 

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