What moves you?…ghostpoet levis1Ghostpoet

As part of Levi’s #MAKEOURMARK project, three of the UK’s leading creative talents are joining forces to create a one-off immersive experience. Acclaimed Producer Koreless, Mercury Prize-nominated artist Ghostpoet and top filmmaker Alex Turvey will work with fans to create a piece together.

3 creative talents, outside of their comfort zone in their mission to create something truly unique. No one knows exactly where their journey to the modern frontier will take them…

The project will climax in a free to attend live experience on 9th October, at the amazing East London’s Oval Space. Those lucky enough to attend will witness a one-off live performance by the trio as they show the world how they have answered the question ‘What Moves You?’.

It’s set to be an amazing evening of collaboration, creativity and a whole lot more.Koreless levis2Koreless

Alex Turvey levisAlex Turvey

Join this groundbreaking collaboration of words, sound and vision between Ghostpoet, Koreless and Alex Turvey to craft an unique immersive live experience and provide inspiration for this artistic process. Simply say what moves you?

Submit your words, images and video to be a part of this unique project #MAKEOURMARK