ghostpoet-levis1-e1380789729607After 6 weeks of collaboration and discovery, as part of Levi’s #MAKEOURMARK project, Mercury Prize-nominated artist Ghostpoet, acclaimed producer Koreless and top filmmaker Alex Turvey, show the world what they have produced and bring to an end this particular journey to the Modern Frontier.

On the evening of October 9th, 2013, the Oval Space in the heart of East London came alive with the energy and pioneering spirit of 3 artists answering a question both simple and complex in equal measures, ‘What Moves You?’.

In the final part of their film series documenting this process, they show you the live event…the fruits of their labour.Koreless levis2Alex Turvey levisContribute to the wider global #MakeOurMark project by adding your thoughts and comments to the track that they produced below.