Make-up artist to the stars visits Belfast

By Andrea Clarke
Photo by Fabrizio Belluschi

TOP make-up artist to the stars Lisa Eldridge was in Belfast this week to promote Boot No 7’s new Spring/Summer range.

Creative director of the brand Lisa, whose celebrity clients include Sophie Dahl, Jennifer Lopez and Kiera Knightley, recently worked with former OC star Mischa Barton. The actress, who was in Belfast for the world premiere of Closing The Ring, is a fan of the Boots No 7 range and used Lisa’s expertise on for her Accessorise campaign.
Lisa said: “Mischa loves the No 7 High Shine Lip Gloss in Ice for a glossy finish.
“A lot of the celebrities I have worked with recently want that natural, glowy look, that classic look.
“There is much more colour around now even on the lips and the eyes. That is the look for summer.
“This summer’s No
7 collection is quite varied with lots of possibilities, it’s a 70s idea of a wash of colour.
“One thing I would say is if you are going to do the eyes don’t do the lips, if you’re going to do the lips don’t do the eyes, just choose one area of the face”.
Lisa, who has been a make-up artist for nearly 20 years, is currently filming 10 Years Younger for Channel 4 and is loving working with “real women”.
“I just love making up real women because it’s just so easy, in a way, to make a model look good”, she said.
“If you’ve got someone who is 16 with perfect skin, full lips, big eyes, you can’t go that far wrong.
“When you make-up somebody real I know that I can make them look a lot younger than they are, I can make them look so much better, so much prettier and of course that’s amazing for me.
“At the end of it when they are so thrilled and delighted it’s incredible for me, I feel great about that. I feel really proud, I’m proud of make-up.
“All the make-up I do in the show and in life in general is about simplifying make-up.
“I think what you can do with make-up if you know what to do is just incredible.
“Make-up can really dramatically make you look so much better and yet it can just be a tiny thing, a very small little bit of something here or there can make a small bit of difference”.
Boots No 7 Summer collection is available from May 21.