Make an ‘Apple of my Eye’ cocktail to impress this Valentine’s

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching many of us will be scrambling around in search of that one special gift for our loved ones.

However in a move that needs no major decision making, Smirnoff have come up with an easy to make cocktail that will make the day all the more special.

Cunningly titled the Smirnoff Apple of My Eye this delicious new cocktail is bursting with mouth-watering flavours.

This Blush-coloured tipple is crafted using award-winning triple distilled pure Smirnoff No.21 vodka infused with the natural flavour of green apples.

Shaken with cranberry juice, triple sec and a squeeze of lime, Smirnoff Apple of my Eye is the perfect cocktail to share this February.

“Smirnoff Apple of my Eye is the ideal cocktail for those wanting to impress this Valentine’s. It’s easy to make and tastes divine,” says Jo Gibson, Smirnoff Brand Manager Western Europe.

Here’s how to make one and make the Apple of Eye cocktail for the Apple of Your Eye here’s what you do:
Ingredients & Quantity
Smirnoff Green Apple 25ml
Cranberry 100ml
Triple Sec 10ml
Lime squeeze 2
1. Add all ingredients (except garnish) to a Boston Glass
2. Shake with cubed ice
3. Strain over cubed ice in a highball
4. Garnish with a slice of fresh apple & a straw
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