MAGUIRE Makes An Introduction With The Dreamy BEHIND THE SCREEN

London-based artist MAGUIRE has revealed her debut single ‘Behind The Screen’. Filled with dreamy and ethereal strains, the song gradually builds and layers syncopated jazz rhythms with beautiful, haunting vocals. An incredible introduction for the classically trained artist.

When speaking of ‘Behind The Screen’ MAGUIRE said “It asks who we are behind the black mirror of our online selves. It is an attempt to articulate the virtual dance we partake in; endlessly observing one another and being observed from afar. Instead it urges for connection in the physical realm beyond the shadow world of technology.”

The multi-instrumentalist and woman behind the name, Gillian Maguire, has been touring since the age of 16 and recently supported Ry X on his UK Tour dates. As well as making her solo music, she is one half of the ambient arthouse electronic project ‘Awkward Moments’ along with DJ/Producer Mimi Xu. The pair debuted their most recent project at Houghton Festival in 2018.

‘Behind The Screen’ is the first track to be taken from her forthcoming debut EP, which will be released later this year.