Maffmatix drops genre-bending new album ‘Metanoia Seven’

'Every moment I was working on this album was cathartic, meditative and personal.'
8 August 2022

By Vanessa B

We recently caught up with Jesse Maddox, the creative force behind the stage persona Maffmatix, on the release of the dynamic new album Metanoia Seven.

A music producer/composer and lyricist based in Phuket, Thailand, Maddox began his career in LA in the field of filmmaking. However, after successfully landing a place in the Hollywood scene he had worked towards for years, only to discover that all that glittered wasn’t gold, he made a daring move to Thailand that changed the course of his artistic journey forever.

While restricted from performing live during the pandemic, Maffmatix’s solo work developed dramatically, eventually culminating in Metanoia Seven. Maffmatix has described the album as being the result of a time of great transformation, as its name, a word meaning “change in one’s way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion” implies. There are 7 incredibly unique songs in this genre-bending mix of alternative, hip-hop, and electronic sounds, created in collaboration with an eclectic assortment of talented artists. A stand-out production with hefty beats adorned with wonderfully colourful sonic detail, the album is thoughtful, sophisticated and consummate​; an experience to enlighten and uplift the listener. Do yourself a favour and give it a listen!

Maffmatix has also answered some of our QuickFire Questions about his musical journey and the making of the album, to go with the release. Make sure to read the interview and connect with Maffmatix via his socials below.

What first spurred you to move from Los Angeles to Bangkok?

The reason I moved to L.A. turned out to be the same reason I left: Hollywood. In my 5th year of striving to get a job in Hollywood I finally achieved my goal of becoming an editor in a company on Hollywood Blvd, but with it also came the revelations of what my future would be and what kind of people I would be surrounded by. Aside from my time outside of ‘Hollyweird’ when I was making music and film friends, I was not impressed by the machine that I was now part of. Combine that with visions achieved by psychedelics, and I realized I needed a big change… in a far away place. After weighing all my options, I quit my job, dropped everything and moved to Thailand.

Could you briefly outline how the move shaped your career?

By leaving the USA and going to the opposite side of the world, I encountered such a beautiful and welcome culture shock. New ways of being flooded my reality. On an obvious level, the environment change was huge, but on a metaphysical level, I got to see literally everything in a whole new way. In Thailand, life moves in a different way. I found it so refreshing and ultimately therapeutic to move forward in such a different gear. I eventually found work in film and music in Bangkok, which felt so much easier to stomach, because the plastic-spastic fakeness of Hollywood was missing. I evolved to who I am in Thailand, and I am grateful.

If you had to describe your sound in three words what would they be?

Divergent, Curious & Eclectic

What do you want listeners to take away from listening to your music?

When someone hears my music, they tend to understand that while I am certainly attempting to entertain them and take them on a music journey, I am not trying to follow any rules or adhere to a socially accepted standard. I am doing me, always.

What were some of your favourite moments in putting together Metanoia Seven?

Every moment I was working on this album was cathartic, meditative and personal. I always felt joy when working on this album, as I typically do when working on music in general. I was also so elated to be collaborating with so many talented artists who are also friends of mine. This album really came from me… from start to finish, it was a good example of my state of mind at the time. So, hate it or love it, it’s a Maffmatix time capsule that I’m proud of.