By Vee D

It’s a Powerful Message of Solidarity for Womxn Everywhere

Based in Berlin, songwriting duo Madsius Ovanda have been working to create affecting and powerful alt-pop that not only sounds unique, but promotes their message of solidarity and equality. Formed by long-term friends and collaborators Pia Ovanda and Carina Madsius, I Survived is a powerful piece of dreampop rich in analogue synth layers and lush vocal harmonies. 

As complete and multi-faceted musicians, Pia and Carina have full control over their own creative vision. From writing and producing their own music from start to finish, they reflect in their music a message of support and affinity, particularly among women.

Speaking on the new single, Madsius Ovanda explain: I Survived is a ballad of resilience. It’s a song of self-assurance and an elegy, resonating the hopes that connect us, and a tender reminder not to lose them even when things go south. For us, I Survived mirrors personal experiences in overcoming adversity and reclaiming authenticity.”


Photo by Celeste Call